The Way Forward

Guided by the spirit of his father, after a fatal accident, Sam must choose between staying in the past or embracing his future.
4.5 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 4 min 59 sec

Uploaded Jun 09,2023



Show Me the Way

4.4 Stars

What a powerful, enjoyable film. Great piece of storytelling. The images were very well planned out. Acting, some of the best. A couple of camera shots were a bit out of place but overall an impressive piece. Great Job!

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Excellent Work!!!

4.6 Stars

Great film. Great concept and great emotions achieved. Really nice work her and you got some great performances out of your actors. I even enjoyed your special effects. You picked and emotional topic and you nailed it. Nice work on your script. I thought that your narrative structure was spot on. And great make-up. Great attention to all the details. Well executed.

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Cinematography Is Great!

4.3 Stars

As a professor of cinematography, I am always keenly aware of the lighting and blocking of any scene. This team did a remarkable job bringing all the elements together and executing very well on a deep subject.

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