46 Years

A young and hungry detective re-opens the investigation into a 46 year old murder after he discovers new evidence in an old case file that could allow him to finally pin the m...
3.6 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 3 min 0 sec

Uploaded Sep 21,2020



he pleads the fifth

3.3 Stars

I like your use of lighting. I can tell you are going for the look of Deakins. Your preproduction effort shines in your film. I can tell this took a lot of work. Good job.

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Okay, We Have A Winner

3.6 Stars

I thought this film had it all. A pretty decent story, competent actors... but the lighting is what caught my attention. This team seams to have taken some time and paid attention to what the mood of the piece was. They didn't just show up in the afternoon and shoot whatever the scene was. They waited for night and lit the scene the way they wanted and I really appreciate their care for the craft!

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It was alright

3.7 Stars

It look too scripted . It is a decent move

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