Dance With Me

Clara, a hopelessly romantic teenage girl, complains to Ava, her sassy, down-to-earth best friend, about the problems with boys in this generation. After going on a few failed...
3.8 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 4 min 56 sec

Uploaded Jun 16,2021



A Great Looking Film

3.4 Stars

Your film looks beautiful. Not sure what you're shooting on but keep using that camera. In some of your scenes though, use motivated lighting to take it up a notch. One example: Sitting on the hood scene, if you would have put a little light off to the right, motivated from the building that would have given them a little light on one side of their faces. The background is perfectly lit along with everything else. That's all you would have needed to make that camera really work for you.

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Ephron Emotion Created

3.1 Stars

Great job creating a film that has emotion. The characters are very likable. You feel for them and that's not easy to do. So congrats there. I look at good films and ask, what would make them great. For your film, pushing the story. You've written great moments but what would stretch your story. Ask yourself all the hard questions: what's plot point one, do i have good rising action or conflict and how can I make that better. If you pushed your structure more, you'd have it. You've got talent

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Dance with me with Beautiful

4 Stars

The cinematography are good to look at. Acting are not bad. Very well done film.

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