A man battles the personification of his own anxieties
3.9 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 4 min 55 sec

Uploaded Jun 23,2022



This Guy Can Act!

3.6 Stars

I've seen thousands of student films, and one of the rarest elements of all is a cast that can actually pull off a performance. Watch for this guy to hit the silver screen in years to come, cause he's got what it takes. The writing and directing were also very strong. The story structure was tight and well paced. This one is gonna be hard to beat.

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Chronic Review

3.8 Stars

This is a well written monolog of overcoming self esteem issues. The acting was very well done. The camera work although static at the start, ended up midway through the end with some great tracking shots. I was happy to see a good use of the split-scene technique. it was well executed. I was hoping that you could have put this technique in during the close up, to really get both personalities in face to face. Audio was good. needs a little boost at one part

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Chronic - thought !

4 Stars

Interesting - Story tends to run and run a lot of running - The audio is really low - hard to hear in certain areas - and hard to understand and follow the situation. Rember to balance audio -

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