Lily is an introverted teenager struggling to cope with the fact of not hearing the world around her. By chance, she finds herself in after school detention with extrovert Jak...
4.5 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 5 min 37 sec

Uploaded Jun 16,2021



Exceptional Artistry

4.8 Stars

Unfortunately I only have 500 characters to tell you how great I feel you film is...First and foremost, congrats on being so creative with your story. The writing is superb. Your dramatic arc is exactly what it should be. You have all the story structure elements in place. Great cinematic coverage, depth of field, exceptional sound design, score, inserts performances. If I had any advice...I would say, rehearse with your actors. Jake at times could was a little rigid but a little. Beautiful!

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Crutch Needs No Support

4.5 Stars

These young filmmakers are truly talented. They seem to be able to write, shoot, act and tell a story visually that is heartwarming and moving. I'm truly shocked at the talent level of this team. If they decide to make a go of it in the film industry, I'd keep my eye out on the silver screen for their names.

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Inspring and Looks Pretty

3.9 Stars

I think this film has very pretty shots, and the lighting looks very beautiful at times. During the waterfall scene, it was hard to hear the actors, and occasionally the lines seemed cliche. But I really enjoyed the message of the film, it was very inspiring!

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