this film is about horror and scary film its really scary shes on the phone with her mom and then loses toothpaste ohh no scary scary tooth cavity 18 of them and then she gets...
2.8 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 4 min 52 sec

Uploaded Jun 23,2022



Very, Very Nicely Done.

2.6 Stars

Wow! Okay, I'm impressed. This little film just got better and better. Such a great use of framing and composition. The lighting was beautiful, and the use of practical lights was perfect. This team should be severely proud of having this project on their reel.

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Great shot film

3 Stars

This film combines many great elements of filmmaking including shot composition, editing skills, and audio. Take the journey

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Story is Key

2.4 Stars

I have to say that your film really looks beautiful. The camera movement is quite great...the subtle camera movement in the stairwell is exceptional. The lighting you've pulled off is BEAUTIFUL. The shot of your lead sitting next to the mirror with the practical lighting was great. Now where you could have really improved was your story. You can have the best of everything else and lack in story and your film really suffers. All that said, you made a great effort! Keep up the great work.

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