A lonely delusional teenage boy named Mike comes across a mysterious owl toy on his way home from school. Taking it home, he falls into an alluring trance with the owl and ter...
4 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 2 min 59 sec

Uploaded Oct 25,2020



Clever, Dark and Funny

4.9 Stars

I think HOOT does a great job with comedic timing and keeping you wondering what it all means. The colors and framework are gorgeous and the sound design is nice and clean. I'd say the pacing could use a little work, it feels unnecessarily rushed.

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Good technically, lacking in story.

4.3 Stars

I think this film had a basic concept that's not that hard to screw up. It's simple and when done well can be effective. However the film tells no story. I enjoyed the movie for the cinematography and the comedic parts but there are no characters and no reason behind the teenagers actions. We know nothing about the owl and nothing about the teenager so the movie ends up feeling a bit pointless. I think with a better story the movie could be very enjoyable.

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Made me Smile

2 Stars

I loved when you put the title sequence along with the scene. Like "Hoot" showed up as you were picking up the owl. I thought the acting had a lot of expression and showed a lot of emotion even without dialogue. It was a little over done but I like the effort he put in. I loved the different angles in film. The cinematography and camera work was great. I think the film could be five stars if their was more depth to the story line.

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